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Top Five Ways to Earn Money while Spending Money

Spending money is one of the only constant things in life. We need to pay for products and services all the time (you know, like pbn set up). The sad part is that our personal cash is very limited. In order to get the things we need, it is a requirement that we work hard to earn more so we can be more and do more. Everything is undoubtedly about money!

Don’t you wish that every time you spend cash, you earn cash in the process too? Well now   you can! Here are some ingenious ways on how you can easily make money while spending your hard-earned cash!

  • Cash Back Cards

If you are off shopping at a mall, why not take advantage of cash backs? Banks are now offering cash back credit cards that are ideal if you are a shopaholic or is a great service to obtain during holidays. Using cash back credit cards is an excellent way to make a few extra bucks while you spend.

In some cases, cash back credit cards offer $150 sign up bonus if you consistently spend $500 for three straight months. This is not a chore to do especially if you are using the credit card during Christmas season.

  • Shop Online

There are certain online shopping websites that offer up to 70% to those who make most of their purchases online. You may not get cold cash from shopping online, but you can use the cash back offers when shopping across 3,000 brands. One great way of making money while shopping online is to stack the cash back with other online offers. Make sure to use your credit card when paying for purchases online, as this will mean even more cash back that you can use in the future!

  • Surf the Web

There are companies that offer cash to people that surf the web. If you’re online most hours of the day, why not make money out of it. For instance, Swagbucks.com gives its members money while doing their usual online activities such as website surfing, watching videos, and visiting blogs. Websites such as Swagbucks.com will give you points simply by using the Internet and answering surveys from time to time. The points are then redeemed in the form of gift cards that can be used when shopping at Amazon and Walmart to name a few.

  • Become a Reseller

If you are a shopaholic that can spot a great deal why not make use of that talent and become a reseller of trendy items online. Make sure to shop for items that are affordable but are hot and trendy for certain times of the year. Once you get a hold of these items, you can simply resell them online, or make an online shop and resell them at higher price points so you can enjoy a higher profit margin!

Now that you know how to make money while you’re spending, do not hesitate to sign up for those cash back credit cards and be a member of websites that offer points that you can use the next time you plan to shop online!