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Motor Development Delay

Learn The Top Questions About Motor Development Delay You Should Ask

Raising a kid is hard enough as it is when they are normal and healthy, but your stress can go through the roof if they are diagnosed with motor development delay.

If your kid is labeled with this, there are top questions about motor development delay that you should ask:

1) What caused this? There isn’t always a known source for motor development delays, but sometimes your doctor or a specialist can pinpoint one. If that’s the case, maybe more can be done about the condition.

2) Is there treatment? There are treatment options available for most motor development delays, ranging from medications to physical therapy (check out Kiné pédiatrique). The goal is either improving quality of life or possibly even taking care of the ailment altogether.

3) Is it permanent? Your medical team might not know this. However, many motor development delays are just delays and not something your child will have to live with their entire life. All treatment is done with the intention of your child leading a normal healthy life.

4) Is it indicative of something bigger, deeper, or worse? If in the process of diagnosis and analysis your doctor sees symptoms of a larger problem, he or she will obviously investigate the matter further.

5) Will it just go away? Even with all modern medicine does, the body knows how to heal itself best of all sometimes. Many children with motor development delays simply outgrow them over time and then return to what is otherwise considered normal development paths and curves.

6) Will insurance cover the treatment? This top question about motor development delay is better asked to your insurance provider than your physician. Knowing what your coverage is will ease the financial burden of any therapy that might be necessary.