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Should you allow your customers to self-schedule and book online? What are the pros and cons?

In a day and age of immediate gratification, self-service is at the top of the list for consumers when evaluating giving their business to brands. When self check-out kiosks firsts emerged, we had those futuristic flashes and many of us, hesitation around trusting these cashier-less machines.  Like all things tech, we got used to them rather quickly, and they even became the preference for the swift, quick, grocery store exit strategy.  With the adoption of self-service kiosks, self-service in all consumption habits has come to be assumed.  The days of phoning a hotel for a reservation have long fled, and welcomed in their wake online booking and check-ins.

Self-scheduling is easy!  The customer experience is excellent, and it gives you ample flexibility on the backend.  Here are some of Appointment Plus’s reasons for allowing customers to online book:  

– There’s a new phenomenon called telephonophobia, meaning people are scared to dial out and make a phone call.  If your consumers have telephonophobia, you can bet they won’t be contacting you direct for a reservation.

– It’s easy to follow up via email, reminding customers about their appointment and giving them the option to cancel or reschedule.

– Options.  Customers love options, and online booking lets them see all of the availability to choose the best-suited time-slot for their scheduling needs.  There’s no reflection on you as unaccommodating.  If a slot is booked, it’s easy for the customer to assume that it’s because another user has opted for that time slot.

– You can make the appointment work first.  Schedule the slot and then follow up for more information that needs to be input into the system.  This makes the process so easy for consumers.  When they know they have thirty minutes (let’s be honest, even ten) minutes of information gathering, they are too intimidated by the time commitment.  Get the appointment booked and gather the details later.

The best way to make the process run smoothly on both ends is to employ an appointment scheduling software.  It removes the kinks that naturally arise in self-booking and help your priorities on consumer experience and brand development.

If you are looking into online appointment scheduling software, Appointment Plus is your go-to source.  We’ll cater appointment software to meet your exact business needs.  Give us a shout! We look forward to working together!