Learn The Top Questions About Motor Development Delay You Should Ask

Raising a kid is hard enough as it is when they are normal and healthy, but your stress can go through the roof if they are diagnosed with motor development delay.

If your kid is labeled with this, there are top questions about motor development delay that you should ask:

1) What caused this? There isn’t always a known source for motor development delays, but sometimes your doctor or a specialist can pinpoint one. If that’s the case, maybe more can be done about the condition.

2) Is there treatment? There are treatment options available for most motor development delays, ranging from medications to physical therapy (check out Kiné pédiatrique). The goal is either improving quality of life or possibly even taking care of the ailment altogether.

3) Is it permanent? Your medical team might not know this. However, many motor development delays are just delays and not something your child will have to live with their entire life. All treatment is done with the intention of your child leading a normal healthy life.

4) Is it indicative of something bigger, deeper, or worse? If in the process of diagnosis and analysis your doctor sees symptoms of a larger problem, he or she will obviously investigate the matter further.

5) Will it just go away? Even with all modern medicine does, the body knows how to heal itself best of all sometimes. Many children with motor development delays simply outgrow them over time and then return to what is otherwise considered normal development paths and curves.

6) Will insurance cover the treatment? This top question about motor development delay is better asked to your insurance provider than your physician. Knowing what your coverage is will ease the financial burden of any therapy that might be necessary.

Should you allow your customers to self-schedule and book online? What are the pros and cons?

In a day and age of immediate gratification, self-service is at the top of the list for consumers when evaluating giving their business to brands. When self check-out kiosks firsts emerged, we had those futuristic flashes and many of us, hesitation around trusting these cashier-less machines.  Like all things tech, we got used to them rather quickly, and they even became the preference for the swift, quick, grocery store exit strategy.  With the adoption of self-service kiosks, self-service in all consumption habits has come to be assumed.  The days of phoning a hotel for a reservation have long fled, and welcomed in their wake online booking and check-ins.

Self-scheduling is easy!  The customer experience is excellent, and it gives you ample flexibility on the backend.  Here are some of Appointment Plus’s reasons for allowing customers to online book:  

– There’s a new phenomenon called telephonophobia, meaning people are scared to dial out and make a phone call.  If your consumers have telephonophobia, you can bet they won’t be contacting you direct for a reservation.

– It’s easy to follow up via email, reminding customers about their appointment and giving them the option to cancel or reschedule.

– Options.  Customers love options, and online booking lets them see all of the availability to choose the best-suited time-slot for their scheduling needs.  There’s no reflection on you as unaccommodating.  If a slot is booked, it’s easy for the customer to assume that it’s because another user has opted for that time slot.

– You can make the appointment work first.  Schedule the slot and then follow up for more information that needs to be input into the system.  This makes the process so easy for consumers.  When they know they have thirty minutes (let’s be honest, even ten) minutes of information gathering, they are too intimidated by the time commitment.  Get the appointment booked and gather the details later.

The best way to make the process run smoothly on both ends is to employ an appointment scheduling software.  It removes the kinks that naturally arise in self-booking and help your priorities on consumer experience and brand development.

If you are looking into online appointment scheduling software, Appointment Plus is your go-to source.  We’ll cater appointment software to meet your exact business needs.  Give us a shout! We look forward to working together!

Here are Effective Ways that Athletes can Keep on Earning Money while Competing

The biggest fear among athlete students is that of graduation. Four years of their college life made up mostly of training and competitions with minimal focus on academics can be pretty scary for most athletes. But if you want to focus on your career as an athlete, there shouldn’t be any worry! You can still do what you love to do while earning successfully on the side with these top 3 recommendations!

  • Manage your expenses wisely

Majority of student athletes have little know-how on managing their money. As most of their allowance comes from the school, they have gotten used to money that is easily handed out to you for four years. Once you have graduated, you are left with the savings that you may have kept during your college years. If you need help in managing your finances, there are many applications online that can help you learn how to budget your money wisely.

  • Babysitting services

This is the most common way young adults have made money for many decades. There will be times when you have free time in your hands during college years. Instead of slacking off or doing nothing, why not babysit the kids of neighbors, friends, or relatives. After graduation, you can still do babysitting services while looking for employment. There are also babysitting referral websites that can help you search for potential employers within your neighborhood or city.

  • Conduct private lessons

If you are a super athlete, why not earn from what you do best? If you are a swimmer, offer a swim clinic for children in your community. Since you have the credentials and the skills, you will be more than eligible to teach the sport you’re in. One-on-one lessons for those who can afford is a great way of generating income on a regular basis too.


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Top Five Ways to Earn Money while Spending Money

Spending money is one of the only constant things in life. We need to pay for products and services all the time (you know, like pbn set up). The sad part is that our personal cash is very limited. In order to get the things we need, it is a requirement that we work hard to earn more so we can be more and do more. Everything is undoubtedly about money!

Don’t you wish that every time you spend cash, you earn cash in the process too? Well now   you can! Here are some ingenious ways on how you can easily make money while spending your hard-earned cash!

  • Cash Back Cards

If you are off shopping at a mall, why not take advantage of cash backs? Banks are now offering cash back credit cards that are ideal if you are a shopaholic or is a great service to obtain during holidays. Using cash back credit cards is an excellent way to make a few extra bucks while you spend.

In some cases, cash back credit cards offer $150 sign up bonus if you consistently spend $500 for three straight months. This is not a chore to do especially if you are using the credit card during Christmas season.

  • Shop Online

There are certain online shopping websites that offer up to 70% to those who make most of their purchases online. You may not get cold cash from shopping online, but you can use the cash back offers when shopping across 3,000 brands. One great way of making money while shopping online is to stack the cash back with other online offers. Make sure to use your credit card when paying for purchases online, as this will mean even more cash back that you can use in the future!

  • Surf the Web

There are companies that offer cash to people that surf the web. If you’re online most hours of the day, why not make money out of it. For instance, Swagbucks.com gives its members money while doing their usual online activities such as website surfing, watching videos, and visiting blogs. Websites such as Swagbucks.com will give you points simply by using the Internet and answering surveys from time to time. The points are then redeemed in the form of gift cards that can be used when shopping at Amazon and Walmart to name a few.

  • Become a Reseller

If you are a shopaholic that can spot a great deal why not make use of that talent and become a reseller of trendy items online. Make sure to shop for items that are affordable but are hot and trendy for certain times of the year. Once you get a hold of these items, you can simply resell them online, or make an online shop and resell them at higher price points so you can enjoy a higher profit margin!

Now that you know how to make money while you’re spending, do not hesitate to sign up for those cash back credit cards and be a member of websites that offer points that you can use the next time you plan to shop online!

Do you agree – one has to sacrifice something to get the best in the market

Almost everyone needs insurance at one point of his/her life. Whether it is car insurance, health insurance, house insurance or life cover, one needs a policy that is adequate enough to help take care of expenses when they occur. Although there may be different policies and covers that insurance companies may offer, finding an affordable and easy to maintain cover isn’t that easy. One has to sacrifice something to get the best in the market, and at the cheapest rates. Discussed below are a few tips on how to find affordable and adequate cover.

1. Window-shop for different insurance companies

The first step to finding the right insurance company to use is by shopping around for different companies. You can either find the company’s physical location and request for quotes, or find quotes through their online portals. Most insurance companies have online portfolios and websites where one can collect a quote from. Make a point of collecting quotes from more than 4 companies if possible.

2. Compare quotes

With the quotes at hand, start comparing them to see what each company offers. Doing this will help identify companies that offer good deals, and extensive cover for that matter. If it is car insurance, consider a company that is willing to replace your car with another one while they look into the case. It is also through comparing quotes that you will have an idea on what to expect after purchasing cover from a specific company.

3. Look for a reliable agent

Many insurance companies do not give what they advertise in the dailies. It is for this reason why you should test their services by checking each company’s customer service. A company that has top notch customer service, and is willing to help you with all your inquiries could be the best to use. If there’s already a company you are interested in, then try its customer service twice or thrice to ensure they will be available when you need them.

4. Cost

How much the company charges in premium rates should dictate whether you can afford it or not. Never choose a company just because it charges fairly. Be sure to check into its terms of service, how one is compensated among other things. The company that provides adequate cover based on your needs and budget should be your first choice.

Once you have made up your mind on which insurance company to use (try carinsuranceminimizer.com), then there is no harm with having a financial adviser or attorney look at the documents before signing them. This will farther protect you against hidden clauses that an ordinary person may not be able to identify.

The King’s Ransom: What Medieval Kings Ate

These days, it’s relatively easy to find a medieval theme restaurant no matter what city you’re in. These are the establishments that usually offer dinner and a show, which can run the gamut from jousting and poetry to a play with audience participation. In all medieval theme restaurants, there is one constant: the food. No matter if what location you’ve decided to visit, the meal will generally revolve around hunks of hearty bread, waxy wheels of cheese, and a dripping joint of largely unflavored meat.

While kings did in fact eat all three of these items on occasion, they were heavily supplemented with lighter and more elegant fare. Dishes were designed to have the sophistication befitting royalty, and were rarely savage or overly rustic. If you were attending a royal medieval feast, here are some of the dishes you could expect to be served.

1. Fruit

stencil.blog-post-imageBecause medieval fruit trees had not yet undergone as much genetic engineering as modern trees do, yields were rather small and seasonally limited. This meant that fruit was in a constant state of scarcity, making it the perfect food for a king. Fruits like apples and peaches were often enjoyed unaltered.



2. Meat

stencil.blog-post-image (1)While kings did in fact eat a lot of meat, their selection of types of preparations was vast. Meats could be seafood, livestock, or game, and they could be prepared by roasting, stewing, and even frying. Special occasions were marked by rare meats like peacock.




3. Sweets

stencil.blog-post-image (2)Because Europe had limited trade with tropical climate countries, sugar was a great commodity. For this reason, sweets were frequently served to kings as a delicacy. Tarts, pies, and cakes were all often presented throughout the meal.

In other words, kings mostly ate anything that was tasty as well as rare. Their diets varied with the location of their domains, but could always be counted on to represent the finest quality of ingredients and cooking.